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Recovery is a Journey

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

 The journey of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism can be a great journey indeed. People struggling with chemical dependency may see their individual journey through treatment to recovery as a million mile trek through harsh terrain. Addiction, however, is a dark cloud that follows you, even during recovery. By learning healthy skills and habits, you can learn to avoid that dangerous darkness and live free from substance abuse. Finding a place that supports your recovery with expert therapy and teaches you new ways to approach will make the journey away from addiction easier. The first step to recovery, admitting there is a drug or alcohol problem, is the first of many difficult steps. But with experience guidance and a strong support system, the journey to a happier life becomes manageable.

Bradford has a dedicated staff to help patients understand their disease and develop a range of options for treatment and recovery. Bradford Health Services believes chemical dependency is a chronic, progressive illness, which exists when the use of mood-altering substances causes increasingly severe problems in major areas of a person’s life, including physical, psychological, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual aspects. Addiction coaches will assess these areas in new areas, and with the patient craft a recovery plan that addresses his or her unique needs. This map to recovery puts the greater journey in context, while breaking it down to easily managed segments. While in treatment, this map initiate positive changes in patients’ health and lives, while addressing the root of their chemical dependency. In order to make the journey to recovery a little less rocky, Bradford’s progressive treatment facilities not only provide services to patients, but also of their families and loved ones.

Even with the recovery plan in hand, the process will require genuine patience, discipline, and focus.  Just like any healing process for a disease, the recovery process from addiction can be tough. Absolute abstinence from any alcohol and mood-altering drugs is the Bradford policy as well as the immediate necessity to begin treatment for an ill patient. With focused treatment – learning new habits, activities and behaviors that support a lifestyle of sobriety – patients and their loved ones can discover a bright and fulfilling life away from the dark clouds of chemical dependency.

Bradford has a mission to help those who can’t help themselves. Contacting Bradford is just another step toward a patient’s journey to recovery. Let us share our knowledge and experience with you, and help you achieve a sustainable recovery.

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