Residential Treatment at Cornerstone of Recovery
near Knoxville, TN

Cornerstone of Recovery

4726 Airport Hwy
Louisville, TN 37777

Inpatient and intensive outpatient addiction treatment located near Knoxville, Tennessee

Cornerstone, located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, provides a place where substance abuse and mental health issues can be addressed head-on so that healing may begin.

Our inpatient and intensive outpatient alcoholism treatment and drug rehab programs are based on the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual treatment model and the 12 Step approach to recovery. We pride ourselves on the individualized treatment plans we develop for every patient, the goals of which are to dispel the darkness of their disease and allow that individual to function as a responsible, productive member of society.

An addiction treatment program tailored to fit each individual

If you’ve found yourself here, know this: You don’t have to suffer any longer. There is a way out, and we can help you leave that darkness behind forever. With comprehensive treatment, your addiction can come to an end, and a new day is just over the horizon.

We offer you a variety of treatment options, separate care for men and women, and a highly qualified staff to help you find your way out of the darkness. By addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, we bring a comprehensive approach to lasting recovery.

Features and benefits:

  • Structured daily therapeutic schedule and specialty groups (e.g. Grief and Loss, Trauma Recovery) designed to address issues that either preceded or have exacerbated substance abuse, helping patients minimize relapse
  • Treatment and topics are grounded in 12-Step principles
  • Programs tailored to specific careers, such as pilots, legal and medical professionals, and railroad workers
  • Groups are facilitated by masters-level, licensed clinicians. Many of our clinical staff hold dual licensure/certifications for appropriate clinical interventions
  • Experiential therapies, adventure course, art therapy, yoga, drumming circles, and community outings

Continue progressing on your road to recovery

As part of Cornerstone’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), patients are given the tools they need to continue that construction. For three hours a day, four days a week, clients take the next steps on their recovery journey, whether it’s deeper into the emotional landscapes of their inner selves that they began to explore in a residential inpatient setting or those initial ones that brought them to Cornerstone in the first place.

We bring you:

  • 12-step recovery model
  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction assessment
  • Activity therapy
  • Continuing care/Aftercare
  • Group therapy
  • Meditation, spiritual education
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Psycho-social assessment
  • Stress Management
  • Family therapy



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