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Specialty Programs

Bradford Treatment Options

Addiction does not discriminate, and we’ve seen it affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic levels.

Our hope is to help anyone struggling with addiction find help and healing. Our specialty programs allow us to serve niche groups based on your specific needs and circumstances.
Rehab Programs

At Bradford, our specialty programs and tracks help us create unique treatment plans to better match a patient’s professional requirements and their health and wellness needs.

Healthcare Professionals

The addiction treatment that Bradford’s Healthcare Professionals Program provides is geared to physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians and other healthcare providers.
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Legal & Business Professionals

Bradford’s career-specific Legal and Business Professionals program offers unique resources and support to help you achieve real recovery while balancing the demands of a successful career.
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Aviation Professionals

A unique program for professionals in the aviation industry designed to help patients recover from their addiction, and to recover their careers.

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Railroad Professionals

Designed by and specifically for railroad workers, Bradford’s Railroad Program helps patients maintain sobriety and safely return to the track

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Long Term Treatment

A Reprieve for Men and A Reprieve for Women offers recovery from alcohol or drug addiction in a spiritually sound, home-like environment.
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Veterans Recovery Program

Bradford combines our proven clinical substance use disorder treatment with an innovative approach to care, developed to address the unique needs and challenges of veterans.
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Steps of

No matter how far gone you think you are, God wants to meet you with grace and mercy to bring you healing.

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Young Adults

We recognize that those ages 18-25 often require an approach to addiction treatment that addresses the unique circumstances of this crossroads of adolescence and adulthood.

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Chronic Pain

The Chronic Pain Track is a safe place for you to find a better quality of life free from substances as you recover from pain.
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Since we opened our doors 40 years ago, our innovative inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs have been making healing and hope possible.

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