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bradford health services inpatient rehab warrior alabama
bradford health services inpatient rehab warrior alabama

A Refuge for Recovery

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs
Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Ready for your recovery story to begin? Start with Bradford. Here, you’ll experience the power of our clinically proven inpatient treatment. Bradford’s inpatient rehab programs combine innovative clinical methods with 12-Step principles to build a foundation for recovery that lasts. Many staff members at Bradford have successfully overcome addiction themselves. This understanding motivates us to help you find hope and healing through your own recovery.

Read more stories of recovery from Bradford alumni.

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Proven Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Bradford’s inpatient rehab programs employ evidence-based research to design customized treatment plans for each patient. We listen to you, learn your story, and address your physical, emotional, and lifestyle needs. Upon admission to one of our comfortable, safe, and accessible facilities, you will find yourself in a clean, welcoming environment where you can start your recovery story. You’ll meet with our professional staff, who will help you complete medical and mental health assessments, outline your addiction and substance use history, and create a treatment plan that fits you best.

At Bradford, your personalized inpatient rehab program will include one-on-one and group therapy sessions, 12-Step study, educational workshops, and wellness and recreational activities. As your stay at our inpatient rehab facility comes to a close, our staff will work with you to create an actionable plan for real, lasting recovery. Remember that Bradford advocates for your recovery no matter where you are on your journey; as such, we offer several payment options including, affordable private pay, loan programs, and credit card options. Your recovery matters. Don't wait; connect with Bradford and learn more about our inpatient programs today.

What does drug and alcohol treatment include?

Upon admission, patients meet with our professional staff to begin developing their individual treatment plan. This process includes medical and mental health assessments and discussing substance use history in order to create a plan that best fits the patient’s needs.

With Bradford, you never face your addiction alone. Here, we stay with you 24/7 in a peaceful, controlled environment. Most inpatient stays begin with detoxification to safely remove substances from the body and minimize the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. We help you stabilize and prepare for the next chapter of your recovery journey: therapeutic programming for real, lasting recovery.

After detox, patients continue their treatment with residential rehabilitation. Our programs at Bradford include intensive therapy and education in both individual and group settings, 12-Step study, as well as wellness and recreational activities.

Our team also works with every patient to determine plans for continuing care and participation in community support groups.

Why Bradford Inpatient?

  • Evidence-based clinical and therapeutic treatment combined with 12-step principles
  • In-house medical detox
  • 24-hour care provided by highly trained clinical and support staff
  • Therapeutic tools to address various forms of trauma
  • Planning and assistance in transitioning to the next level of care
  • Access to the Bradford Family Program, our free online support seminar for friends and family members
  • Support after treatment through the Bradford Alumni Program

Bradford Residential Treatment Center Locations

  • Warrior Lodge - Warrior, AL
  • Madison Campus - Madison, AL
  • CHI St. Vincent Addiction Recovery Program: Little Rock, AR
  • The Estate at River Bend - Lucedale, MS
  • Cornerstone of Recovery: Louisville, TN
  • Stepping Stone to Recovery: Louisville, TN

Insurance Information

Bradford is committed to helping people access our premier treatment services. We are in-network with most insurance providers and recognized by leading carriers for our outcomes and strong continuum of care.

Our goal is to remove the worry and stress of the cost of treatment by providing financial guidance to those needing help. Bradford's Patient Financial Services team helps you understand your insurance benefits, what it pays or does not pay and how to work out a plan to cover what is needed. We advocate and offer many options including affordable private pay, loan programs, and credit card options.

We have helped people find ways to afford care for more than 40 years. If your health insurance still leaves you with concerns about affording treatment, we have many flexible payment plans to help you manage the rest of your cost of care. As treatment progresses your needs may change. Based on your needs, our team will negotiate a payment plan with you. We are here with you every step of the way.

Verify Your Insurance to get started.

We are here for you. Get immediate, confidential help 24/7 by calling 1-888-SOBER-40.

Long Term Drug and
Alcohol Program for Men

Long Term Drug and
Alcohol Program for Women

“Bradford gave me a safe, therapeutic environment to start the journey of recovery with support and guidance. I have been sober for 5 years and live an amazing life that started with the tools I learned at Bradford.

It doesn’t have to be this way forever.
It can all change at Bradford.

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Since we opened our doors 40 years ago, our innovative inpatient and outpatient programs have been making healing and hope possible.

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Emergency Contact

Healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, social service agencies, or law enforcement authorities contact us 24/7.
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For emergency inquiries, please complete and submit the online form.