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What to Look for when Choosing an Addiction Counselor

What to look for when choosing an addiction counselor.

Addiction counselors are a key component to the successful treatment of chemical dependency. Counselors act as a guide to their patients, showing them the way to sobriety while providing support and understanding as they go through recovery. Many addiction counselors have struggled through an addiction, giving them the ability to empathize with those going through recovery. The fear and doubt patients go through are better understood by counselors who have experienced the same feelings. Counselors also act as a mediator between patients and their loved ones to ensure a sustainable, ongoing recovery for everyone.

When looking for the right addiction counselor, consider both the person struggling with the addiction and his or her loved ones. The counselor will guide everyone through the recovery process, and help everyone understand what is going on.

Addiction Counselors should be Easy to Understand and Talk To

Being able to clearly communicate with both the patient and loved ones will ensure everyone remains in the loop.

You should see the Addiction Counselor as Trustworthy

Everyone, but particularly the patient, should trust the counselor. Feeling comfortable enough to voice concerns and express emotions are just as important as trusting the counselor’s guidance.

An Addiction Counselor should be Hopeful and Motivating

A counselor that can instill hope and maintain a positive attitude within everyone will make the rough spots of recovery a easier.

Addiction Counselors should be Knowledgeable 

Lastly, make sure the counselor is highly-trained in all the addiction recovery options. What works for one family, might not work for another. Counselors should be able to set a treatment schedule that is custom-designed for the patient and the loved ones affected by the disease.

The Addiction Counselors at Bradford Health Services assist and guide patients and families toward recovery. The staff at our facilities address addiction as a chronic illness that affects psychological, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Their foremost concern is to help the patient and his or her loved ones heal these often unseen wounds and teach them how to live with the scars they leave behind. Bradford Health understands the many complex needs of someone recovering from addiction. Find the right Addiction Counselor for your needs and beat chemical dependency for good.

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