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Our work to help addicted physicians featured in The Washington Post

Bradford Health was recently featured in The Washington Post for our success in helping physicians overcome addiction. As part of our Healthcare Professional Program, doctors, nurses, dentists and others in the field, can safely seek treatment without fear of losing their license. It’s one of the only programs of its kind that works closely with state programs to help ensure doctors don’t relapse.

Below is an excerpt from the article; read the full piece on the Washington Post Website:

Intensive program for addicted doctors shows results

“The day a 39-year-old surgeon checked into his rustic cabin here at Bradford Health Services, he said he doubted that he could beat his decades-long struggle with alcohol and find joy again in treating patients. Three weeks later, he said, he was convinced otherwise.

It took six weeks for a 54-year-old physician to see a way out of her depression, anxiety and addiction to prescription painkillers. But now she says she’s confident and excited to return to practice.

They are among hundreds of physicians from across the country who come to this pine-shaded retreat 25 miles north of Birmingham, where they can get mental-health and addiction treatment without jeopardizing their medical licenses.”

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