Why won’t you Just Quit? Drug Addiction

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As a person’s drug or alcohol use develops into a full blown addiction, finances, relationships, health, and social obligations break down. Life becomes chaos. Loved ones intervene, imploring the addict to “just quit.” Unfortunately, it is too late to just quit. The body has become chemically dependent, or addicted, to drugs or alcohol. Abstinence may work for a short period of time, but inevitably a person with an addiction will turn back to drugs or alcohol. This does not mean people with addictions are beyond help. They simply can’t just quit. Treating addiction requires medical attention, especially if the addiction is severe. Treatment begins with a controlled and monitored detoxification process, to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.  Once a person reaches sobriety, he or she can work with trained professionals to begin emotional, spiritual, and mental healing. Therapy, counseling, and/or developing new life skills allows someone with the disease of addiction to move past initial causes of his or her substance abuse, and gives them an outlet when old triggers arise. Holistic healing gives the best chance for a sustained, long-term recovery. The idea isn’t to just quit using, but to begin a new, fulfilling life.

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