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Legal Consequences of Addiction

Legal Consequences of Drug Addiction, adicción consecuencias jurídicas

Addiction changes a person’s mood, behavior, and personality. Often times these people make poor choices with legal consequences. Finding addiction treatment while in jail or an institution is difficult for most patients, but there are options for your loved ones. Whether he or she is involved in drug, property, personal, traffic, financial, or a combination of these crimes, addressing the addiction will point them in a positive direction.

Drug Courts vary widely by county. These programs offer those involved in minor drug offenses a chance to get help without much disruption to daily routine. Most drug courts do not require the offender to serve time in prison, and the conviction will not appear on a criminal record. Instead, her or she is required to participate in drug rehabilitation with immediate sobriety, often with an emphasis the legal consequences of the offense. This is a chance to get clean before addiction further ruins the future.

If Drug Courts are not an option, many correctional facilities offer a variety of drug and alcohol addiction programs. Most will have  Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, which provide a loose structure for individuals to begin the healing process. The incarcerated can also attend educational programs, not just about drug or alcohol abuse, but ones that will help them learn how to live without substances. Lastly, some facilities are designed specifically to treat those with addiction and other mental disorders. These facilities work with the incarcerated to not just treat, but re-orient them to a substance free life. Depending on the legal situation, individuals who go through this program may get an early release.

Outside of institutions, your loved one will need support and strength to get clean and out of legal troubles. Consider enrolling in an addiction treatment service, whether that be a out-patient or after-care services. There, he or she can find professional and compassionate care designed specifically to his or her needs, including problems with incarceration. Rehabilitation facilities, like the ones with Bradford Health Services, assess the needs of your loved one and you, to bring about a positive change.

Don’t forget about taking care of yourself. If drugs and alcohol is affecting you, even if you’re not abusing them, join a support group. Al-Anon and Narc-Anon, and other family support programs, give you a forum to express your struggle and connect with others in similar situations. These free meetings will educate you on the disease of addiction, it’s legal implications, and provide you with strength during this dark period in your life.

Bradford Health Services provides more than basic therapy. Our goal is to provide holistic treatment that guides patients and their families toward a better, productive life. Patient recovery includes healing the body, mind and spirit, not just getting off drugs. The aim is to have a complete set of tools that maintains a sobriety.