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Military Service Members Combating Addiction

Addressing the Unique Needs of Military Service Men and Women Combating a Hidden Enemy: Addiction

Perceived weakness causes issues in combat situations, so military personnel have a difficult time admitting they have a substance abuse problem. Many people feel shameful or embarrassed about their drug or alcohol dependency, but service men and women may experience these emotions particularly so. In the case of substance abuse, combat training and the soldier mindset work against the health of military personnel. The ‘never admit weakness’ attitude makes them susceptible to a worsening condition where pride destroys an otherwise healthy and strong person. They must see treatment is a courageous act, that military leaders support.

We are all thankful for the military community and their ‘complete the mission’ attitude. However, their laser focus on the mission often disguises symptoms of drug abuse and/or alcoholism, or causes individuals to deny this devastating illness. As with any person struggling with abuse, military personnel need to admit to their problem as early as possible to prevent permanent biological, social, or psychological damage. Diagnosing and identifying the cause of a soldier’s abuse or addiction will lead to a path of recovery. Bradford provides treatment and therapy custom-designed for service men and women’s unique needs. Military patients can return to their regular assignment as soon they can deal with their regular duties and maintain their sobriety.

Bradford’s residential inpatient program provides a safe, protected environment for withdrawal caused by the physical and behavioral complications associated with addiction, including a medical staff for patients 24 hours a day. Family members are asked to join the patient and learn about addiction. Counseling, based on the 12-Step philosophy, is provided through individual, group, and specialized sessions. Continuing care is highly recommended for successful recovery, especially for those diagnosed with dual disorders, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Bradford is there to provide stability with our regular monitoring and the interactive 12-step program, which helps recovering military personnel remain healthy and sober with peer support.

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