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Bradford Health Services Introduces “Hero’s Path” Addiction Treatment Program for Veterans and Active-Duty Military

Veterans Addiction Treatment Program Bradford Health Services VA CCN

Hero’s Path: Active-Duty Military and Veterans Addiction Treatment

Bradford Health Services is proud to announce the launch of Hero’s Path, an addiction treatment program specifically designed to address the unique needs of veterans and active-duty military personnel. Eligible under the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network (VA CCN) and covered by TRICARE, the comprehensive program is available at Bradford’s residential addiction treatment campuses throughout the Southeast.

Bradford developed the Hero’s Path program to confront the distinct challenges faced by those who are serving or have served in the armed forces with substance use issues. Acknowledging that veterans and military personnel often grapple with unique challenges, this program combines Bradford’s proven treatment methods with specialized support to help them regain control of their lives.

1 in 5 Veterans are Diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders

Research from SAMHSA indicates that approximately 11% of veterans aged 18-25 have reported misusing prescription drugs, while an estimated 20% of veterans have received a substance use disorder diagnosis. These issues have a profound impact on their physical and mental health, interpersonal relationships, and overall well-being.

“Hero’s Path has offered a way forward for so many veterans struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues, and it has been an honor for my team and for me personally to witness the progress that they have made in their journeys,” said Angela Camp, MA, CEO of Bradford at Madison, one of the locations for Hero’s Path. “To hear the gratitude in their voice and to see the joy on their face as they talk about how much better they feel now is nothing short of a miracle itself.”

Responding to the Needs of Our Nation’s Veterans and Military

In response to this pressing need, “Hero’s Path” offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatment options, therapy, and support services catered to veterans and military personnel. Staffed with highly-trained and experienced clinical personnel, many with military experience, the program’s primary objectives include:

  • Establishing a secure and supportive environment where individuals can address their addiction-related challenges.
  • Delivering counseling and therapy sessions to help individuals cope with trauma, stress, and the specific experiences tied to military service.
  • Crafting individualized treatment plans that center on each participant’s needs and aspirations.
  • Fostering peer support and camaraderie, enabling participants to connect with peers who share similar experiences.
  • Facilitating the transition to a life of sobriety and wellness, coupled with ongoing support beyond the residential program.

Specialty Training in Addiction Treatment and Veterans Affairs

“Hero’s Path has given me the opportunity to jump in the fighting hole with the veterans and military members who are struggling with some of the same issues I faced when I retired from the U. S. Marines,” said Jason Smith, MSgt USMC (RET), CPSS, Bradford’s Veterans Business Consultant and Military Liaison. “It’s also a blessing to have compassionate clinical teams and staff members, active veteran coalitions across the nation, and the chance to serve with those within our Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers and VA STAR Programs who are caring and supporting our nation’s heroes.”

If you are a veteran or military member seeking help or know someone who could benefit from the “Hero’s Path” program, please call 888-4-A-HERO-1 (888-424-3761) for more information or to schedule a confidential assessment.