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Beyond Nutrition

The Importance of Eating Healthy in Addiction Recovery

A person struggling who has had a substance addiction has a fragile body system. Because of this, treatment centers have focused on healthy eating and customized nutrition plans for patients. By replacing toxic substances with healthful food, the person can begin to heal the body, mind, and spirit more effectively.

Psychologists, therapists, and substance abuse counselors have moved towards a more holistic approach toward drug and alcohol treatment. In addition to the standard detox and 12-steps, some centers have incorporated multidisciplinary treatments that rebuild the mind, spirit, and body. Learning healthy life-skills, including nutrition, helps a person in recovery rebuild their world and ward off relapse.

In regards to nutrition, patients go through an assessment that diagnosis an effective nutritional program for them. They learn what their body actually needs to survive and how to choose and prepare healthier foods. Fulfilling their nutritional needs gives some in recovery a positive distraction from their substance abuse. Vegetables and protein cravings replace alcohol and drug cravings. Meal prep replaces needle preparation. Searching for the best head of lettuce replaces searching for the next fix. Complementing traditional therapy with nutritional education has proven to heal patients physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A treatment center that provides a holistic approach, like the one offered by Bradford Health Services, can be the difference between short and long term sobriety. Given the correct tools, people suffering from addiction can put their chemical dependency behind them. By replacing bad with the good, individuals can begin a new healthy, happy life.