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Drug Rehabs in Tennessee

Looking for Treatment Programs in Tennessee?

According data reported by the Tennessee Department of Health*, the drug overdose death rate continues to increase.  This increase in drug usage and overdose rates has led to an increase in people seeking treatment for substance abuse of opioids, marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamines or polysubstance abuse. If you are searching for an addiction treatment center in Tennessee, Bradford Health Services may have the right program for you. Bradford has a wide variety of programs that cater to the needs of your life. We offer outpatient, inpatient and long-term residential recovery programs located throughout the state of Tennessee and Alabama. You can learn more about where you can find our treatment centers under our locations page.

You may be thinking that money is a barrier that is preventing you from getting the treatment that you need. Bradford offers flexible payment plans as well as financial assistance for those who qualify. Bradford Health Services also accepts most insurance plans and is In-Network with many plans including TennCare. Click here to verify your insurance coverage.

Here at Bradford, we understand that each person is different and have developed several different specialty programs. Our specialty programs cover many different types of people, including Health Care Professionals, Legal Professionals and Business Executives, First-Responders and Military, Adolescents, Young-Adults, individuals experiencing chronic pain and addiction, and a Faith-Based rehab program called Steps of Faith. If you want to learn more about these programs, visit our Specialty Programs page.

At Bradford, we believe that everyone deserves to get help and are committed to helping you or your loved one find it.  We partner with organizations and other providers throughout Tennessee and beyond who offer state-assisted or low-cost programs for medical-detox and rehab.  Let us help you or your loved one find the help that you need and get in to rehab, no matter where that may be.  Call or chat with one of our treatment guides today, so we can assist you in finding the path to recovery that is the best fit for your situation. 

Here is a comprehensive list of services by region:

*source: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/documents/pdo/Overdose%20Report%202020.pdf