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Legalization of Marijuana Forum

SAM Parent and Community Forum

Forty-five years ago, 84% of Americans were opposed to the legalization of marijuana. Our perception of ‘weed’ has changed quite as bit since then. Washington and Colorado have completely legalized the drug, and an additional 15 states have decriminilzed it. More people support legalization of marijuana- 54% of Americans support legalization, and 46% are opposed. Supporters point the social, economic, and medical benefits of decriminalizing this ‘herb,’ while the opposition are just overly-conservative traditionalist. What’s all the fuss about? Let’s legalize marijuana.

Wait a minute. This debate is not just about morals. Before jumping on the legalization bandwagon, consider the facts.  The people opposed to legalization, do actually have research on their side. Marijuana’s legalization will impact our society, economics, and our health. But will it be for the best? We need to take a sober look at all the research, especially when it comes to young adults and children.

Kevin Sabet, PhD will hold a forum in Homewood, Alabama to discuss the dangers marijuana has on our bodies, our society, and our economics. With an informed opinion, he points out the very real risks associated with marijuana use, including addiction. The discussion will focus on teen use, but he will also touch on the larger impact legalization will have on the community.

We want your family to know the facts, so you can form the best opinion on this hot political topic. There is no cost for this event, but seating is limited. If you have questions or need special accommodations, please contact Carissa Anthony at (205)870-3026 or [email protected]

Please join us.

SAM Parent and Community Forum

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

6pm – 8pm CDT

 Homewood High School

1901 South Lakeshore Drive

Homewood, AL, 35209

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