Legal Professionals and Business Executives

We’re your companion each step of recovery. We’re committed to your recovery.

The stresses of an executive position are many, endless demands for your time, a treadmill of never ending goals and high expectations, burnout, management issues, and balancing work and family life.  These stresses are often compounded by the need to entertain clients or by road travel, which can help the addiction process along with it’s frequent exposure to addictive substance. To make matters worse, for fear of losing one’s job, many executives, managers and professionals seek to hide their problems, or forgo seeking treatment.

For these business executives and professionals, Bradford offers a special, confidential program to help them acknowledge a problem with addiction, pursue treatment and start recovering.

Features and benefits of our Executive Rehab Program:

  • Patients are assessed by specialists from relevant disciplines, to determine the need for treatment.
  • Medical detoxification and stabilization are provided 24 hours a day.
  • Our residential rehab program is a safe, protected environment for treating withdrawal.
  • Family members are encouraged to visit … and learn about addiction, the family’s role in treatment, and how the entire family can recover.
  • Counseling, based on 12-step principles, is provided in individual, group and specialized sessions.
  • Partial hospitalization is offered … as the risk of withdrawal subsides, physical complications improve and emotional crises diminish.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment includes continuing therapy and education on preventing relapse. Patients reside at home, and they often return to work during treatment.
  • Continuing care ensures patients’ long-term stability, through regular monitoring and connection to a 12-Step program.


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