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How to Overcome Fear and Get the Help You Need

You realize that your drug and alcohol use is out of control. Perhaps your friends or family have confronted you about excessive use and how it’s harming you and others. You know you need help with this problem. But something is holding you back: Fear.

Every person with an addiction fears that something terrible will happen if they stop using. Some fear that they won’t be able to have fun without drugs or alcohol. Others fear they will lose friends when they stop. Some fear they won’t be able to relax without a daily drug or drink. Some fear that they will simply fail. The thought of facing each day without alcohol or drugs is just too overwhelming.

Don’t let your fear hold you back. You can live a happier life than you do now, without needing drugs or alcohol to prop you up. Acknowledge your fear and start to overcome it.

Fear of Losing Friends

A big fear of many addicts is losing a close circle of friends. If these are people who also have addictions or enable your addiction, then you must leave them behind in order to get healthy. This can be incredibly hard, but it is essential to your health. As you move on to your new life will bring you new friendships. The people you meet in recovery will also be there to support you and your happiness.

Fear of Dealing with Stress

Many people have turned to drugs and alcohol due to a stressful situation- whether that be the daily grind or something more traumatic. These people often fear that without drugs or alcohol, they won’t be able to relax. You may be surprised at how much easier it is to manage life without wondering where your next high or drink is coming from. In addition, one of the cornerstones of addiction treatment is teaching people how to decompress and deal with stress in healthy ways.

Fear of Boredom

What in the world will you do without drugs or alcohol? That’s up to you! You can put all your time, effort, and money into things you actually value. This can be spending time with your family, visiting places you’ve always wanted to go, and learning new ways to experience life to the fullest. You’ll be able to fill your life with productive, healthy activities

Fear of Failure

When there’s a chance of trying and failing, it can seem easier to not try at all. True, relapse will always be a possibility. But why bet against yourself? With the help of a support group, the benefits of sobriety can be yours. Prove to yourself and others that you can beat the disease of addiction. And even if you slip up, you can re-double your efforts to stay clean. If you don’t start, you’ve already failed.

Fear of sobriety causes many people with addiction to hit rock bottom. Even from this point, you can get help. Overcoming fear can be the hardest part of overcoming addiction. With time, courage, and persistence you can arrive at a happier way of life free from fear.

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