Overcoming Fear of Boredom and Fear of Failure

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You’ve spent the last part of you life using drugs or alcohol in most, if not all, your spare time. Despite the destruction this has brought to your life (and the people within it,) you are still afraid to let go. Boredom and failure are understandable fears. fear. How else will I spend my time? What if all my friends are using and I can’t? What if I’m a drag without my drugs and alcohol? What if I can’t do my job while sober?

It might seem like life without drugs and alcohol is completely in-navigable. This is why a support system is so important. Your loved ones, your counselor, your sponsor, everyone who believes in your sobriety believes you can live a fufilling life. You may have to make new friends, rehabilite your mind, and learn healthy habits, but you can succeed.

If you need help overcoming the fear of boredom or fear of failure, reach out to someone who can help guide you through the rough times and become the person you are meant to become.

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