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Just Get Started

just get started

Deciding to get sober and choosing a life of freedom from the bondage of addiction is one of the most important decisions anyone will ever make. The decision to make recovery a priority begins with the hardest step JUST GET STARTED. The beginning of any important journey always has its difficulties. Every journey begins the same way, and this profound statement by Lao Tzu says it all,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.”

Early steps in the recovery journey have their challenges, here are a few of the most frequent:

Other people who continue to use

An essential component to a successful recovery is the ability to develop new, meaningful relationships; and have connections with those who share the common ground of living a life of sobriety. People and places that remind us of, and reinforce, the life you are choosing will go a long way in helping you live a life of freedom. Going to 12 Step meetings, and spending time with sober friends having fun and sharing, is an important part of living a new life.

Guilt and Shame

The experience of negative emotions can be a powerful motivator to relapse; this is where others who have been in recovery and professional help can be the difference maker. We all need help at times, and this is particularly the case when taking the path of sobriety. Always choose to seek help immediately when you experience overwhelming guilt and/or shame during your journey.

Financial & Legal Problems from the Past

Many times when someone chooses to get started on the journey of recovery, their financial and legal choices from the past begin to catch up with them. The obstacles on the journey of recovery can often overwhelm you. The best way to handle these problems and obstacles is to, again, JUST GET STARTED. A quote that may help you or your loved one who’s experiencing considerable challenges that require some time to work out is “inch by inch anything’s a cinch.”

The journey to sobriety is started the same way any other journey of value is (started), by taking the first step. If you or someone you love is in need of a few steps please call us right now and take that first step. We are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-577-0012.
There is hope ahead.