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Tennessee Rehab

Tennessee has a lot of different things that make it stand out: Rock City, Music City, Atomic City, and let’s not forget Graceland and Pigeon Forge. However, the diverse interests and culture of Tennesseans don’t make them immune to addiction. In 2007, it was estimated that 485,000 Tennesseans needed but weren’t receiving treatment for drug or alcohol use. More recently, Tennessee rehab centers have reported a rise in prescription drug abuse, with prescription opioids, such as Loratab and OxyCotin, the most abused substances in the state- more than marijuana and crack/cocaine.

Luckily, another noteworthy character of Tennessee is it’s unique resources for addiction treatment and associated problems. The state has received national acclaim for its fight against methamphetamine for many years, and its task force on meth has dramatically decreased the number of new cases in the state. Part of this task force included streamlining government and private funded addiction treatment programs. Tennessee Rehab centers for drug and alcohol treatment now offer as much intensive out-patient care as possible. People with chemical dependencies can receive the treatment from a variety of sources.

The importance of healthy, affordable drug and alcohol rehab programs cannot be overstated. The State of Tennessee has been able to offer these types of medical services for people in need by using both public and private providers. Private Tennessee rehab/treatment centers, like Bradford Health Services, are typically more independent and flexible in options. The care is more personalized and can usually accommodate a broader spectrum of rehab services and techniques.

The important thing is for an individual suffering from the traumatic, debilitating effects of drug and alcohol dependency is to find something, somewhere, with someone, to help guide them on the road to recovery, and start enjoying the brighter side of Tennessee culture.