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Atlanta Rehab Center Alternatives

Bradford Health Services in Birmingham

Drug and alcohol addiction grabs a hold of people from Atlanta, Georgia for a variety of reasons, in numerous ways. Once the disease has sunk its teeth into a person, however, it affects each individual just as dangerously. Family, friends, work, health, and even a sense of self begin to slip away from a person. No matter how a person became addicted to a substance, what matters most is finding a drug and alcohol rehab center or program. Either on his or her own or with the assistance of family, court supervisors, friends, or counselors, the addicted individual needs to enter a proven treatment facility and begin the healing process. Whether that happens at an Atlanta Rehab Center or elsewhere, you are on the way to a happier, healthier life.

For more than 40 years, Bradford Health Services drug and alcohol rehab programs have proven successful in helping addicts and substance abusers regain their lives. They offer a variety of programs to those seeking recovery near Atlanta, GA. Whether you or your loved one needs outpatient care, inpatient rehabilitation, or continuing care, Bradford has an option will help you find a healthier, happier life free from addiction.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

If you or someone you know needs a inpatient rehab facility that’s convenient to Atlanta, but far enough to allow for anonymity and complete confidentiality, consider Bradford’s Residential Treatment Center near Birmingham. The 28-day program here is Bradford’s primary inpatient treatment program and is located in Warrior, Alabama (170mi from Atlanta). This easily accessible center is an alternative for both adults and adolescents of Fulton County.

Outpatient Programs

Bradford also provides outpatient programs for Georgia residents in Augusta and Columbus, Georgia, greater Augusta and greater Columbus. Both locations have adolescent and adult Intensive Outpatient Programs and offer general Family support. Similar Bradford programs Georgians might want to consider can be found in  Birmingham and Opelika in Alabama as well as Chattanooga in Tennessee. These facilities offer the ideal combination of proven treatment, an expert medical staff, professional counselors, modern facilities, and innovative programs to patients seeking the assurance, comfort, and security of anonymous treatment.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care is a staple of Bradford Health Services. In outpatient services, individuals enroll in the program as continued support competent to their recovery. Patients in Continuing Care have completed inpatient and/or Intensive Outpatient programs and have returned home. It provides aftercare that helps individuals live healthier lives and prevent relapse. All outpatient Bradford facilities have a Continuing Care program, including those in Birmingham.

Alcohol and drug addictions are medical conditions that require practiced and knowledgeable treatment. Atlanta rehab centers are capable of treating this disease, but perhaps you need a more focused and personalized approach. The leading treatments Bradford Health Services offers take into account each patient’s unique needs and are designed to alleviate the stresses which addiction causes.  Residents of the state of Georgia struggling with substance abuse should look to Bradford as a resource for hope. No matter how you came to addiction, know that through compassionate care and focused outreach you can live free from addiction.

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