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The Cost of Addiction Treatment

An Investment in the Future

No matter the disease, healthcare costs weigh heavily on individuals seeking treatment. When addiction is the disease the costs of diagnosis, detox, treatment, and therapy can seem extensive. However, it is estimated that illicit drug and alcohol abuse costs the nation $428 billion dollars annually, through court costs, property damage and theft, emergency healthcare, and decreased productivity. This doesn’t account for the heartache chemical dependency causes loved ones, through financial strain, domestic neglect, and abuse, or the general chaos addiction creates. As with any chronic disease, treating addiction is an investment in a better future.

People seeking treatment have options to keep their healthcare costs low. Health insurance companies are required to cover treatment for all levels of substance abuse in their policies. The specifics vary from state to state and policy to policy, so checking your own policy will be essential to assessing treatment costs. Treating addiction is not simply mental health treatment however. Finding a program that also treats a patient’s physical, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual aspects will help that person maintain sobriety after treatment. Look for a program that addresses a person’s unique needs, whether that means brief outpatient care or more intensive residential treatment.

Bradford Health Services offer personalized treatment, with a variety of options tailored to each individual’s needs. Professional and expertly trained staff address the psychological and biological needs of a patient and provide techniques and tools for recovery to patients and loved ones while keeping costs in mind. The programs at Bradford Health are built around high effectiveness and low costs, whether that’s outpatient, inpatient, or extended care.

Programs like ours that effectively and positively change chemically dependent patients will make a difference in your life. The alternative costs of continued abuse are high, financially, and emotionally. Remember, the goal isn’t to get treatment. The goal is to reclaim your life.

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