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Hope vs Disappointment


Loving a person enslaved by addiction often feels like a never-ending emotional rollercoaster. Hope constantly fights against disappointment. Individuals who love someone with addiction often struggle, viewing life differently than those who do not have the challenges of addiction in their lives. Most often those who abuse drugs and alcohol hurt those around them and to numb the pain abuse substances even more. Families can begin to bargain with themselves looking for small victories and something to hold onto to; finding hope in “He or she is doing good today!” Yet, hours later can be distraught when their loved one has drank or used drugs again. When this happens, we are on the emotional roller coaster of hope vs disappointment.

Experiencing Disappointment

Living around those who are struggling with addiction causes reoccurring disappointments and feelings of helplessness. It is common to think “Why won’t they just stop?” or “Can’t they just choose not to do it?” When we find ourselves trapped in the disappointment spiral, it is hard to imagine an ordinary life. Without a 12-Step program or professional help, the disease of addiction will keep the addicted person and their loved ones on a never-ending cycle of disappointment.

Experiencing Hope

As an addicts condition continues and less and less of their life is normal, those who love them begin to have hope in just one “good day.” A single day becomes a victory that helps us believe the struggle is over, or at least possible. In this hope we are right, as long as an addict is alive, there is hope for a life free from addiction.  As we celebrate the, “I think they are doing better” we must hold on tightly to the truth that active treatment and 12-Step recovery are the keys to sustained sobriety.

The good news, for those who refuse to live enslaved any longer, is there is hope ahead! Today one can decide not to live in the disappointment spiral and put hope in action to get help now. Not in a few days or weeks but right now, the healing can begin. Call 800-577-0012 for a free consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.