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Family Members Hurt by Addiction

Addiction affects a whole family.

For the family members of a patient, the ravages of disease can causes a tremendous amount of trauma. When the disease is substance addiction, it can cause a crisis in all aspects of a family’s life, including physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual.  Addiction is like a wildfire destroying everything around it as it grows. Fortunately, professional treatment and a healthy recovery can restore their lives. Bradford Health Centers can help your family escape the crisis of alcohol or drug addiction.

Our team approach to comprehensive treatment includes expert addiction counselors and certified physicians who stabilize the patient and begin the recovery process. Bradford believes that family programs are a vital part of treatment. Family members join the patient in counseling, learn about addiction, and actively participate the recovery process. Bradford emphasizes continuing care and ongoing therapy that promotes sustainable good health because we don’t want your family to experience another addiction crisis.

We offer comprehensive services that assess a family’s needs and effectively determine how addiction has created a crisis for family members. Although abstinence from alcohol and drugs is our immediate goal for admitted patients, the ultimate objective of treatment is to help patients and their families become functional and productive without the use of alcohol or drugs. Learning new activities and behaviors, as well as the triggers for abuse, are a part of Bradford’s recovery program for all family members. Discovering a new healthy and fulfilling life for patients and their family members is part of Bradford’s mission.

For more than 30 years, Bradford Health Services has treated alcoholism and drug addiction. We have designed our addiction treatment facilities and services with the variable needs of patients and their family members in mind. In both effectiveness and cost, we strive to meet your needs and help end the painful period of addiction in your lives. Life doesn’t have to be a constant and continuing crisis. The road to recovery leads to a better place.

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