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James Overcame a Family History of Alcoholism

The illness of chemical dependency is not genetic. However, having a family history of addiction or alcoholism does make someone more susceptible to the disease.Recent research shows some genes that lead to addiction can be passed from parent to child. People growing up around people with addiction often learn poor coping habits and experience trauma that can lead to drug abuse. That is not to say generations are doomed to experience the chaos of addiction. Many people with a family history of addiction are able to break free and begin a new cycle of recovery.

James went through years of alcoholism and heroine addiction before reaching out for help. Now, he is well into long-term recovery, working towards a Masters degree. He has stopped the family history of alcoholism.  Hear his story:

You can overcome a family history of addiction. Seek help in a supportive recovery community.

Thank you to SAMSHA, Young People in Recovery, and James for sharing his story. You can find more videos on the at the Recovery Month website here. (external link)

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