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Perfection of the Present Day

In 1806 Rev. William Law published A Guide to Rest. In it he wrote this:

“Do not therefore please yourself with thinking how piously you would act and submit to God in a plague, a famine, or persecution; but be intent upon the perfection of the present day; and be assured that the best way of shewing a true zeal is to make little things the occasions of great piety.

Begin therefore in the smallest matters, and most ordinary occasions, and accustom your mind to the daily exercise of this pious temper, in the lowest occurrences of life. And when a contempt, an affront, a little injury, loss, or disappointment, or the smallest events of every day, continually raise your mind to God in proper acts of resignation, then you may justly hope, that you shall be numbered amongst those that are resigned and thankful to God in the greatest trials and afflictions.”

This passage shows that even two hundred years ago, people had a hard time practicing daily spirituality. Spiritual peace takes more than showing up on Sunday morning. Whatever your spiritual inclinations, taking the time to foster your inner peace every day will strengthen your resolve. As Rev. Law explains, that a “daily exercise” of  spirituality prepares us when life truly gets tough. For people in recovery from addiction (and their loved ones) having this reserve of spiritual strength to draw on can prevent relapse.

Here are some ways to “be intent upon the perfection of the present day” and nurture your spirituality:

List what you are grateful for
Walk outside
Recite a favorite verse or quote
Do something nice for someone, or yourself!

Be intent upon the perfection of the present day. William Law passage