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When Death Looks Appealing

Brett Young looked at himself and saw very little worth saving. Addiction had taken control of his life. His successful career did not matter to his addiction. His growing family did not matter to his addiction. The harm he caused to himself and others did not matter to his addiction. Brett knew his drug use was out of control, but he did not know how to stop. Death started to look appealing.

Brett’s story is the same as too many. He knows the pain and hopelessness addiction causes in people’s lives. He knows that he can help ease that pain and bring new hope to your life. Brett Young has taken his life back from addiction, and has made it his mission to help other’s take back their own lives. With genuine compassion, he is here to show you that death is not an answer.

Brett Young is the director of The Reprieve, a year-long treatment program that addresses multiple aspects of your life. His goal is to make your recovery a reality.

About the Reprieve