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Our Philosophy:

The Reprieve strives to create a spiritually sound environment that is positive, creative, caring, and fun. We believe that recovery can only be accomplished through developing positive relationships. We also believe that the living environment must be attended to in order to inspire our residents and staff to grow together in our quest for spiritual health.

Our intent for each individual is to have them create a plan of action that can be developed, improved, and that focuses on three relational areas: spirituality, community, and self. We strive to help residents understand how they separated from self, from spirituality, and from their fellows. Then we help them develop their personal plan for healthy relations to self, spirituality, and others. This is, of course, accomplished through intensive personal work in the Twelve Step discipline.

The Reprieve model encourages healthy community, fellowship, and internal change.

A good candidate for care:

  • Men struggling with alcohol and drug addiction
  • Men struggling with 12-Step improvement
  • Men having difficulty with spiritual concepts and principals
  • Men needing help to transition back to college or into a career
  • Men that lack direction and goals in the areas of employment, responsibility, and accountability

Key Services Provided:

Pathway to Recovery

        It is common for the addict to have many different influences and experiences when it comes to spirituality. Their spiritual connection has either never been established, or it has been broken. The lack of spiritual connection is evident through their addiction.
        Most addicted individuals tend to isolate themselves from family and find difficulty in making positive relationships. They develop harmful relationships with negative influences. These relationships become a huge barrier to recovery.
      • SELF
        The morals and values instilled during childhood become lost through addiction. These virtues are replaced with negative instincts. Instinctually, the addict is only thinking about survival. He no longer grows mentally and spiritually. His only focus is hiding the addiction, denying the addiction, or resigning to the fact that he is an addict and there is no hope. At this point, the addict has truly lost his sense of self.

Life Skills Development

      • Career Exploration and Readiness
        Many people in early recovery have little to no idea what they want to do for employment. Some have never been successful in any area; others do not enjoy their current path. Even some may have been very successful in a career, but it is considered a high risk to their recovery. In partnership with Auburn University’s Career Center, we explore each resident’s interests, values, leisure activities, past school or employment experiences and personality type to help determine which career field suits them individually. Next, we guide residents through a comprehensive career readiness curriculum which prepares for successful entry into the job market. Upon completion of this phase of the program, our residents will have taken the career assessment FOCUS, performed a mock interview, completed a resume, and be given the skills necessary to successfully navigate this important part of their lives.
      • Community Service
        Through a symbiotic partnership with area non-profits, our residents learn skills that prepare them for life outside of the Reprieve, while at the same time giving back to society.  Self-centeredness is the root of addiction, and it is only through work and self-sacrifice for others that this may be overcome. Using this approach to spiritual healing, our residents contribute to, and become, active members of the Auburn-Opelika community.
      • Daily Balanced Living
        In this portion of the program, our residents systematically begin to get their material items back. The phone, the car, the job, and relationship building can quickly become the sole focus. The aim of the Life Skills program is to help our residents achieve a weekly routine which includes all facets of recovery– including spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental conditioning.

Community Living Program

      • Community Immersion
        This final 180 day phase is designed to normalize the new skills and daily living techniques adopted while in the first 6 months of the program. The old adage of “practice makes perfect” is put into action during the residents’ stay in the Community Living Immersion Program. The program is a safe and accountable environment that offers staff interaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The program is only for those residents who have completed the first 6 months of The Reprieve treatment program. This prerequisite ensures that Community Living Immersion participants are very familiar with other residents and staff. Participants in the Community Living Immersion Program are active volunteers with other residents at The Reprieve and in the Opelika-Auburn community.

Well developed, strong family programming

      • We believe the family programs at The Reprieve and A Reprieve For Women are unique. Over the course of 3 days we provide education from the scientific, as well as the spiritual understanding of the disease of addiction. What follows is an in-depth exploration of each of the 12-steps along with an explanation of why each is necessary to ensure the internal transformation required for recovery. This detailed look into the very process that their loved ones are going through at The Reprieve helps the families to better understand the need for long-term care and the opportunity for real change that it offers.We conclude each program with a series of presentations about healthy boundaries, how to stop enabling, and managing expectations, followed by time for questions from the families.The programs are conducted in a casual, family style environment. This allows family members an opportunity to really come to know and trust the Program Specialists, with whom their loved ones spend the vast majority of their time at The Reprieve. The weekend is capped off by a cookout featuring food prepared by the residents and offered to their families in an expression of service.


      • Visitation Times
        Every Sunday immediate family is welcome to come and visit their loved one. Visitation is always subject to staff approval. Visitation time is from 10am-4:30pm.

Relapse prevention
24/7 staffing and mentoring
Alcohol & Drug program for men

The Reprieve recovery program is based in a fully restored historic home in Opelika, Alabama, where small-town charm is pleasantly contrasted with modern conveniences. A restored covered bridge, wildlife trail, and nature sanctuary provide patients the perfect atmosphere for meditation and introspection, while the town’s extensive aquatic and exercise facility offers diverse recreational opportunities.

To learn more about The Reprieve, or for admission information, please contact us today at 1-877-510-8744.