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Different Levels of Addiction Treatment

First, congratulations on finding the strength to admit your addiction. Now your task is to find an addiction treatment as well as the symptoms of withdrawal. Everyone is different so not every addict needs the same level of care. What and how long you have been abusing substances, other medical conditions, your job, and a variety of other things will factor into what kind of treatment is best for you. At Bradford Health Services, all patients receive an assessment to determine which affordable treatment options will provide the most successful outcome. Knowing the varying levels of addiction treatment will help you better understand your options.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Detoxification

Detox is the first step in addiction treatment. Your body has become accustomed to having substances in it- whether that be alcohol, meth, steroids, etc. Depending on what, how much, and what combination of drugs or alcohol you were using can greatly affect your detox. In addition, other health problems, including seizures, should be considered. Most people participate in outpatient detox. Patients go through an initial hour of examinations which helps the medical staff determine whether medication is needed to stabilize the body while in withdrawal. The patient returns daily for 10 – 20 minute check-ups. This allows patients to keep working or going to school. However, it is important to remember withdrawal symptoms affect physical and mental fortitude. Inpatient detox is very similar, except the patient stays at the treatment center. Patients severely addicted may need more medical supervision in their detox. Experienced staff also provide knowledgeable support. The risk of relapsing, or quitting recovery, are lessened at inpatient detox.

Intensive Outpatient, 28-Day, and Extended Care Addiction Treatment

It is best to look over your history and lifestyle with an addiction professional when deciding what kind of program will work for you. The goal of addiction treatment is to find tools that will help you live without drugs or alcohol. The inpatient programs, 28-Day and Extended Care provide a structured environment for patients to get to the root of their addiction and learn how to live healthier. Individual, group, and family therapy is combined with various holistic healing programs to help patients address the core of their addiction. The 28-Day programs provide holistic care from experienced staff through daily structure, specialty group therapy, and life skill classes.

Extended Care Addiction Treatment is the longest and most intensive program to treat addiction at Bradford Health Services. It is similar to 28-Day treatment, with some notable exceptions. The program is up to 90 days of treatment. It is recommended for people who have a higher chance of relapse due to internal or external problems. If a patient has another mental illness, such as bipolar or PTSD, works around controlled substances, has experienced trauma, or has a poor support system, Extended Care may be the best treatment.

Patients in Intensive Outpatient programs often have ‘graduated’ from the inpatient programs, but sometimes individuals with mild addictions enroll directly into Intensive Outpatient. Individuals in these programs sleep at home and work or go to school regularly. They meet with addiction treatment specialists, therapy groups, and family therapy several times a week. Whether in recovery or just beginning to live without substances, intensive outpatient programs provide structure and support to prevent relapse.

Whatever type of program you go through, you are beginning a new life. This isn’t a simple process that ends when you leave. The people you meet will help you get through detox, withdrawal, and recovery, and will be there for you as you continue your recovery outside of treatment facilities. Keeping a positive attitude and reaching out to others for help will help you make it to a sustainable recovery.

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