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The Power of Family in Addiction Treatment

power of family in addiction treatment

Anyone who has ever had a loved one with an addiction problem knows that it affects the whole family. However, when it comes to treatment, families don’t always get involved. “There’s a mindset that it’s the addict’s problem. They’re the one that needs to get it fixed and deal with it,” says Jeremy Rakes, MSW, CADC Counselor, Bradford Health Services. “It’s one of the biggest misconceptions about drug addiction treatment.”

A New Perspective

Bradford Health shifts the focus from the patient to the family. We know that family involvement increases the chances of success for someone in recovery. This is why we offer several ways families can participate, from support groups to our online Family Program. These are important ways families can learn about drug addiction and how they play a role in it. Many times, well-meaning families enable their loved one’s addiction without knowing it. Once they know different enabling behaviors, families can break the cycle and provide a more supportive environment for when their loved one returns home.

And our programs are open to others outside the family. We define family broadly because we recognize that the most influential people in life are not always blood-related. We want to make sure anyone who’s a source of strength or support for our patients is welcome and included so they have the best chance for a successful recovery.

More about the Role of Family in Addiction

Learn more about Bradford’s family approach to addiction treatment, by watching our video.

If you think your loved one may have a problem with substance abuse, please call us today and take the first step. We are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-577-0012.

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