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An Addiction Recovery Community

An addiction recovery community can be the difference between recovery and relapse. Una comunidad en la recuperación de la adicción puede ser la diferencia entre la recuperación y la recaída.

The value of the recovery community in alcohol and drug addiction cannot be understated. Hearing others communicate their feelings, challenges, and ideas becomes invaluable to the recovery process. Studies show that effective group therapy can make the difference between recovery and relapse, especially after treatment has ended. Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism requires a safe, clean, and understanding community that helps people rise above the disease of chemical dependency. To effectively achieve sobriety a person needs a comprehensive approach to treatment that combines medical programs with constructive group therapy.

More than simply ‘treating the disease’ or ‘hosting meetings,’ Bradford offers a variety of innovative inpatient and outpatient services that foster a community of healing and growth. The types of programs are customized for each client’s unique needs- whether this is desensitization, trauma counseling, or simply learning new life skills. Patients connect with each other as well as licensed addiction counselors, nurses, and doctors, and find a network of people who share their experiences.

In addition, Bradford offers family services and education, so that loved ones can be a part of the healing community. Family programs are an essential part of successful treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Family members are asked to join the patient to discover the truths about addiction. Further along in the recovery process, family members are often asked to take a greater role in the treatment in the form of family therapy.

Bradford’s team approach to treatment includes highly qualified addiction counselors, therapists, and medical physicians in conjunction with intense group therapy. The community built around a person during the healing process is often the main factor in sustained recovery. Treating the chronic, progressive illness of chemical dependency requires support from many fronts. Together, our community can stop drug and alcohol abuse and build healthier, happier lives.

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