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A Life without Drugs

Living Life without Drugs

A simple solution for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t exist. No easy treatment exists, but few conflicts in come with a one-and-done resolution. Part of the solution at Bradford is realizing the only thing constant in life is change. Recovery is about understanding life on life’s terms, and changing what doesn’t work so we all can live a better life. Active addiction makes life’s challenges nearly unbearable. Addiction to drugs and alcohol bring out doubt, fear, and shame. In this shattered emotional state, users turn to the substance abuse again and again. It is only a matter of time before rock bottom hits.

Fortunately, we can break away from that doubt, fear, and shame . Recovery, that is, living with a healthy body, mind, and spirit, gives us the fortitude to accomplish things greater than we ever thought imaginable. Exercising  the positive and healthful aspects of our existence allows us to control our presence in this life. This means we can better react to whatever comes our way.

Bradford offers programs that effectively diagnose and positively change chemically dependent patients. Our approach is shaped and guided by a desire to help patients and their families become better functioning and more productive people. Along with this approach, recovery begins with the immediate and absolute cessation of any drug or alcohol abuse, continuing throughout treatment, until a sober lifestyle with a new, healthful body, mind, and spirit are developed.

Bradford has alcohol/chemical dependency programs for both adults and adolescents. The entirety of your history and circumstances are kept completely confidential, aligning your recovery with principles of the 12-Step inpatient, partial, and outpatient treatment programs. The Bradford team approach to treatment utilizes several addiction counselors and talented physicians, but family members join the team, too, learning about addiction and the family’s role in the patient’s recovery process.

Bradford offers effective and affordable alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities with a variety of innovative inpatient and outpatient services. We provide hope to patients – helping them live life on life’s terms.