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Why Giving Up Drugs is Bad


“Knowing when you’ve had enough” requires a greater commitment, greater sacrifice, and greater resolve. Many people with addiction look at their lives from rock bottom and simply say, “enough.” They see drug and alcohol abuse as the cause of their problems, not a solution nor an outside occurrence. Those who say “enough” aren’t trading drugs and alcohol use for a job or their family. They want sincerely to stop the chaos caused by addiction, and start life anew.

People who know when they’ve had enough of drug and alcohol use know the road ahead won’t be easy. Even reaching out for help, admitting the problem, is a struggle. Despite the hardships, they are determined to create a future better than their past. They have had enough of an existence filled with drugs and alcohol. They want a new life, and they can achieve it.

During an active addiction, the difference between “giving up” and “had enough” is immense. If you are looking to change your drug and alcohol habits, consider your mindset. Giving up drugs and alcohol isn’t committing to a better life; it’s doing something because it seems like an easy fix. Transitioning from an active addiction to a recovery lifestyle is not easy. But it is well worth it.

Acknowledge the chaos drugs and alcohol cause in your life, and decide that it isn’t worth it. Once you find that courage within yourself, you will find hope. Use that hope to get through the tough times. Relationships can be repaired, finances rebuilt, and a life renewed. But you have to declare, “I have had enough.”