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Rat out your disease!

How long have you been hiding? That bottle of pills, flask of liquor, or rock of coke has been within reach for awhile now. You have stashed away your tools- whether they be a needle, pipe, foil, wine glass, spoon – so no one can accuse you. But you know what’s going on. It’s time to come out from the shadow of addiction. Rat out your disease!

Admit that drug and alcohol use is no longer in your control. Tell your closest confidant or a stranger on the street. Look yourself in the mirror and say it out loud. Rat out your disease. You will find it liberating.

You are not your disease. You are a person who has an addiction. Using in private and trying to hide how you feel takes a toll on your body, mind, and spirit. Don’t let drugs and alcohol destroy all that you are. Seize control, rat out your disease.

Loved ones¬†will not look shamefully upon you when you rat out your disease. They will be proud of you that you were able to say, “I have a problem.” Inside you there is strength and courage to reach out. Don’t think it’s inside you? Tell a stranger. Someone who is open-hearted and will listen without judgement to your pain. Counselors and group therapy, such as AA, can help you find your strength, and lend their own to your struggles.

Or, rat out your disease. Right now. Call a hotline and tell someone. Even if you can’t look in the mirror, let alone in someone else’s eyes. We will listen.

Fess up to that craving in the back of you mind. You have the strength to rat out your disease and to start a life without drugs and alcohol.