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Why Get Professional Help?

Are you ready to quit drugs and alcohol? You can do it! With the professional help, can get you to into long-term recovery. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why professional help works.

1. It’s Really Difficult to Stay Sober

So, you’ve decided get clean. Perhaps you are taking steps to reduce your use. Buying drugs from your dealer to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Switching to a “less dangerous” drug. Reducing the amount you use. Maybe you haven’t used in a few weeks. You’re doing great now. But what about in a month? Or if the drugs run out? Or something terrible happens in your life? Professional help guides you from active addiction, through to sobriety, and well into recovery.

2. We Know What We’re Doing

For over thirty years, Bradford Health Services has provided tools to people suffering from Chemical Dependency. We treat addiction as the medical disease it is. Each person that comes through our halls relearns how to be themselves. Our holistic approach treats body, mind, and spirit, so that you can learn how to live in long-term recovery.

3. We’re on Your Side

We are aware relapse is always a possibility. We want to reduce the chance of relapse. That’s why instead of “getting clean,” people come to Bradford to “enter recovery.” Recovery is an active pursuit of life. It is living each day with health, happiness, and hope. Even after you leave our facilities, you are a part of our community encouraging you to pursue your life with zest. And if a slip occurs, or you start doubting your sobriety, Bradford is here for you.

If you are ready to stop using drugs or alcohol, give us a call. You don’t have to fight this disease alone.


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