The extended treatment provided through Bradford’s Healthcare Professional Program (HCP) is ideal for physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and others in the healthcare field. Healthcare professionals receive treatment designed to address their unique needs, including occupational hazards, medication access, professional enabling, stress, co-dependency, licensing issues, and re-entry into their specific area of practice.


With easy access to controlled substances, the HCP patient is presented with triggers and temptation not usually faced by the general population. The HCP program is designed to help medical professionals resolve issues surrounding their chemical dependency and the unique difficulties faced when re-entering practice. The program addresses the demands and pressures placed on healthcare professionals – realities of the workplace that contribute to stress, burnout, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse. The program’s primary objective is to facilitate each patient’s recovery and return to professional practice.

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Upon admission, an intensive four to seven-day assessment and evaluation begins. This includes medically supervised detoxification as well as an introduction to the treatment process, which has proven extremely effective in diagnosing problems and developing an individualized treatment plan. The assessment includes:

  • History and physical
  • Chain of custody UDS
  • Nursing assessment
  • Lab tests, including CBC, electrolytes, TSH, liver function studies, UA
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Neuro-psychiatric testing

Once the evaluation is completed, the treatment team meets to develop its plan, and to determine the suggested length of stay. The treatment team then meets with the patient to review the recommendations.

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