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Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaches can help you succeed in Long-Term Recovery

Recovery Coaches: A Beacon of Hope and Guidance

Sometimes in life, a situation requires more effort than a single individual is capable of producing. Addiction is one of those situations. Support groups for treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug addictions often provide a coach that can give someone that additional help they need. This support and guidance can be a beacon of light for patients to find a source of inspiration and hope. Recovery coaches are a helping hand in the darkness of addiction.

Recovery Coaches work with addicts at each stage, supporting and focusing their efforts toward recovery. Patients benefit from a coach’s guidance and assistance when they make important choices related to their addiction. Recovery coaches utilize an individual’s strength to help them maintain a sober lifestyle while rebuilding their social, vocational, spiritual, educational, familial life. They are a single piece in the larger set of tools of recovery, but can be one of the most utilized.

In some cases, the Recovery Coach can make the difference for a patient’s ability to live a healthy, sober life or not. The Bradford approach to rehab includes recovery methods based on the 12-Step programs, which requires reliance on other people. When outside support is unavailable or unreliable to patients, Recovery Coaches are there to provide much needed direction. In addition, some Recovery Coaches serve as intermediaries between patient and family when issues related to addiction, such as resentment, anger, or conflict, get in the way of healthy and productive communication.

Bradford Health offers alcohol and chemical dependency programs for adults and adolescents with inpatient, outpatient, or partial treatment options available. Bradford’s team approach to treatment includes not only counselors and physicians, but also expertly trained and qualified. This approach to complete recovery gives Bradford’s family programs high regard. The patient’s family members receive guidance and education with the addiction and recovery process, often becoming the essential ingredient for continued, sustainable success and health with patients. If the family is unable to offer qualified support for ongoing recovery, the Recovery Coach usually takes up the task. Ongoing support and continued therapy are necessary for success in the majority of patient cases. With this support and guidance behind them, patients struggling with addiction can live without drugs and alcohol.

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