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Is Involuntary Commitment for Substance Abuse Treatment Legal in Alabama?

Question: Is involuntary commitment for drug abuse legal in Alabama?

Answer:  No, forcing someone into substance abuse treatment, also known as involuntary commitment, is not legal for adults in Alabama.  If you are seeking drug or alcohol treatment for a loved one, they must decide to enter treatment and can choose to end services at any time.  We can help to assist with this difficult decision and can help to motivate your friends in family in making the next steps toward recovery.  Our trained staff are available to assist you by discussing strategies for helping your loved one into treatment.

What is Involuntary Commitment?  Involuntary commitment is when an individual is compelled by law to attend rehab.  Typically, this involves proving to a state court that the individual is at risk for harming themselves or others.

What are alternatives to Involuntary Commitment: Since Alabama does not allow involuntary commitment for substance abuse, the only alternative is to convince your loved one to enter treatment voluntarily.  Promoting this decision is very individualized and our Recovery Advisors can help.

Communication is very important when trying to motivate someone to enter treatment. The approach starts with a candid conversation—one for which you are prepared and take into consideration the timing and setting. Addressing concerns about drug and alcohol use with a love one or friend is not an easy conversation, and for many people, the fear of this conversation prevents them from having it.  The conversation itself should not be confrontational and should seek to show your loved one how much you care, and how much everyone wants them to get better.

The reality of motivating someone for treatment is that it sometimes takes multiple attempts, different approaches, and even involves a team of different people before it is successful. Bradford recognizes that this can be difficult for those of us who feel helpless watching our loved ones continue to engage in drug and alcohol use. It is very important to know that resources exist for the family to promote strength, wellness, and preparedness for how to address a loved ones drug and alcohol abuse. Our staff can provide information about community resources and our Family and Concerned Persons’ Programs that focus on the family dynamics of the disease of addiction.

At Bradford we want to help.  Talk to our Recovery Advisors about how to approach getting your loved one to treatment.  They are available 24/7 at 888-577-0012