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Infographic: Teen Summer Alcohol and Drug Use

What are your teens doing this summer? Alcohol and drug use among adolescents increases during the summer months. Check out these facts and talk with your teen to prevent Teen Summer Alcohol and Drug Use.

Teens are more likely to start using drugs and alcohol in the summer months. Do you know the facts?

Curb teen summer alcohol and drug abuse before it becomes an addiction year round.

Be Involved

Ask WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY. Also offer to drive and chapporone (while respecting boundries).

Be a Good Role Model

Your own drinking or drug habits influence your children’s. Think about the reasons you are using, and seek help if you need it.

Be Aware of Risks

A single night of fun may seem okay, but educating yourself and your children about the dangers alcohol and drugs will help overindulgence. Teen especially need guidance about their choices, as their brains are not fully developed.

Work with Your Community  

“It takes a village.” Know who your teens are hanging out with, as well as their parents. Bonds between parents, teachers, counselors, and city officials will aid in communicating concerns about potential teen alcohol and drug use.

Be Consistent, Firm, and Loving

Set boundaries for your teens and stick to them. Even if they think their life will be ruined if they don’t go to the movies tonight. Think of ways to spend time together as a family, and foster a trusting family.

Share this image with friends and family and together we can build stronger, healthier futures.


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