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Tension in Addiction

tension in addiction

The world is full of opposing forces, tensions. They are at work in each and every life. Life’s pressures push and pull all of us. But those in active addiction often self medicate just to get through the day. Everyone desires to be in a constant state of peace and tranquility. Many people have the encouragement of innovation, learning, and exploration that is fueled by sincere curiosity. But the truth is that life is often a tug-of-war, and we are the rope. tension is not only a common part of daily living, it is an essential one.

Outward Tension

Tension is an important aspect of everyone’s  life. We were created with a need to be stretched and strained. Exercise is an intentional stretching and staining of our muscles to bring about flexibility and health. Our bodies can be positively molded and shaped by tension or left to deteriorate from the lack of use; we get to choose.  Science has proven a healthy body is essential to a healthy mind, and to a well rounded recovery from substance abuse.

Inner Tension

Each of us will experience attacks and strains in our thought life when we allow them to flow freely. Undirected thoughts tend to move toward problems. Once problems are our focus our energy begins to be is drained. But when we choose to think about hope and belief, envisioning ourselves in a better future, the stretching makes us stronger.

Common Tension

Tension is normal, neutral, and natural in life; it is our choice what we do with it. An important part of recovery is learning to live with tensions and using them as an active force to benefit us in life and work. An example of “common tension” is the tension between what you can reach and what is just beyond your grasp. The gap between what we want and what we currently have can seem painful or pleasurable based on our chosen mindset. Setting goals for sobriety and working toward the future is the work a minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day work of a person in recovery. Learning to relieve tension in a healthy way is a necessity.

Laughter can help relieve tension in even the heaviest of matters.

-Allen Klein

It is common to want to be free of tension and pressures. Laughter and fellowship with others bring incredible relief to those fighting the good fight against the slavery of addiction. We want to live free, we want options. Each of us wants to feel valued and valuable. We want to be close to those we love. We want to be admired. These tensions require thoughtfully management as you journey down the road of a new life focused on living sober.

Coming to the conclusion that tension is a part of life and recovery is an important step. Everything has tension. Our thoughts and our lives are full of forces that pull against us and push us, but we have the choice to recognize the tension and choose to live with it or try to run from it.

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