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Free Worksheet: Cost of Addiction

What does Your Addiction Cost?

Millions of people affected by drugs and alcohol continue to endure the damages of addiction because they don’t think they can afford to get help. Looking honestly at the cost of your addiction may change your mind. Whether your loved one or yourself uses drugs, see where drugs and alcohol damage your finances by answering questions on this worksheet. The questions are also posted below. In order to face the financial facts, we recommend you write down your answers.

The free worksheet is great tool during interventions, drug and alcohol use assessments, teen education, and other educational purposes.

How much do you spend on drugs each week?

What objects have you needed to repair or replace this month because of drug or alcohol related accidents?
What has that cost you?

How many times have you needed to go to the hospital for a drug or alcohol related injury?
What did you have to pay in fees co-pay?
Has your insurance premium gone up?

Has drugs or alcohol worsened an illness you have, such as heart disease or depression?
How much are you spending on prescriptions, medical devices, or other medical services because of worsened symptoms?

How much time do you miss at work because of drugs or alcohol?
How much has this cost you hourly?
How much has this cost you in bonuses, promotions, or pay raises?

What services do you use because drugs or alcohol make you unable to complete tasks? (dining out, child services, taxi/Uber, cleaning, etc)
How much do you spend on these services this week?

Have you overspent while shopping, dining out, or otherwise because you were intoxicated?
How much did you overspend this week?

What legal issues have you had because of behavior on drugs or alcohol?
What fees did you have to pay a lawyer, for a bond, or in reparations?