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Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Benefits of MAT

Medication-assisted treatment is being used to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders more frequently than ever before. This increase in popularity stems from a multitude of benefits that go beyond what traditional treatment can provide. The following benefits are only a few reasons why people are using MAT to help them on their road to recovery.

MAT is Effective

It is almost impossible to judge the success of a treatment program based on a single metric. However, compared to other recovery programs, such as medication-only or behavioral-only, MAT has been more effective. This increased success rate is a result of MATs use of multiple different approaches. MAT uses medication-based treatment alongside behavioral treatment. Having the support of helpful medications alongside historically proven behavioral therapy creates a stronger program with a higher success rate. Another name for this dual-minded approach is holistic care.


It is a troubling reality that opioid and alcohol addiction treatment can be expensive. Many people assume that they cannot even afford treatment after looking at some recovery programs’ costs. Fortunately, MAT can be affordable and convenient for those that choose to include it in their opioid or alcohol rehabilitation. MAT is relatively affordable and is also often covered by insurance providers. Visits and sessions are generally conducted in an outpatient clinic setting or via telehealth appointments.

MAT is an extremely affordable alternative compared to the massive cost of supporting an Addiction. Keep in mind the cost of the drug of choice and the inevitable health problems of addiction. People often end up in the hospital and losing their jobs. These extra costs can be prevented with the use of MAT.

Holistic Care

Bradford uses the “whole-patient” approach to care, which is another name for holistic care. This approach to treating addiction means that people are cared for in more ways than one. MAT programs use a combination of prescription medications and counseling to improve one’s overall health. The counseling includes promoting the patient’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing, all keys in the journey towards sobriety. Addressing these issues with the combined benefits of counseling and prescribed medications allows MAT programs to find a high success level.

Eased Transition

One of the biggest challenges in the treatment process is the transition back to regular life at home. People grow used to a certain structure and support level in treatment. Lingering physical and emotional symptoms often add to the challenge of maintaining sobriety. Transitioning back to regular life can be hard for many because of these combined reasons. MAT can help bridge the gap between inpatient treatment and life in sobriety at home. It eliminates many urges that would otherwise prevent people from focusing on what they need to do to stay sober.

Is MAT For Me?

While treatment plans vary by individual, the first step toward recovery is to start with a consultation. Our Medication-Assisted Treatment programs begin with an outpatient clinic or telehealth visit with a medical professional specializing in MAT care for opioid and alcohol addiction. Bradford’s Recovery Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you schedule an appointment. Call 1-833-33-MY-MAT to learn more about our Medication-Assisted Treatment programs.