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It is killing me and I can’t stop

We have heard this phrase many times. We have heard it from those stealing painkillers from their family. We have heard it from those who have lived decades with alcohol by there side. We have heard it from charming professionals and rebellious adolescents. We have heard it from mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We have heard it from doctors and students, church leaders and non-believers, law associates and sales associates. We have heard over and over again, and we know the truth:

It is killing you. You can’t stop. We understand. We are going to help you.

Drug and alcohol addiction destroys your body, mind, and spirit. Repairing all three motivates of our treatment plans. We are here to heal your whole self. For thirty years we have seen individuals rediscover and rebuild their lives without drugs and alcohol. They are alive! They did stop! They were worth saving, and so are you.

“It is killing me and I can’t stop,” is an important declaration. You admit that this medical disease has overtaken your life. You have the courage. Now, find that bit of strength within you, and call Bradford. Tell us. We will help.

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