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Living just for Today

Believing in oneself is an essential component to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Patients in recovery will begin to look healed, and the their physical symptoms will subside. However, addiction is a lifelong disease and the potential to relapse is never gone. For this reason, those in recovery must have a proactive plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Patients who receive care with Bradford Health and its affiliates go through the guiding principles of natural, lifelong healing. Counselors, therapists, and experts encourage the practice of meditation, Reiki, massage, good nutrition, and yoga. These activities reteach those with substance addictions how to care for themselves, both physically and mentally.

As both mind and body heal, individuals are taught to “live for just today.” Patients can adjust their attitudes from the self-destruction of abuse to the self-care of a healthy lifestyle by gradually showing gratitude, managing emotions, controlling fear, and respecting themselves and others, people. This holistic approach to the healing process gives patients at Bradford’s programs the tools to heal themselves and guard against relapse. They are better prepared to handle the challenges of daily living.