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Don’t Entertain Enemies

Ask most people in recovery what their number one battle is, and they’ll tell you: “Don’t entertain thoughts that are enemies to the new life you desire.”

So when it comes to learning from others’ experiences, a great place to start is with the problems they’ve encountered. In the realm of positive thinking, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more compelling problem than guilt and shame attacking our need for current peace. Here are some of the positive thinking insights we would like to share.

  1. When you’re in over your head, be unafraid to ask questions.

In your first few months of sobriety, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the high level of consciousness of those around you. You may find yourself thinking, “I feel like everyone in the room knows more than I do”. The first way to begin overcoming this fear is to rise to the occasion and courageously ask questions. Taking on a curious mindset and learning by borrowing the perspective of others and listening to their stories will help the fear go away. Entering into a learning mode will be like turning on a lamp in a dark room, the fear will begin to diminish. It is important to remember that it takes time. It is like slowly melting an iceberg. It is critical to celebrate each day’s accomplishment and move to the next. Even if you engage and learn daily, it can take some time to eliminate the feelings of negative thoughts.

  1. Teaching makes you a better thinker.

The second pathway to positive thinking is to immediately teach someone else what you yourself have just learned. Teaching takes information and begins to turn it into transformation. We are created to add value to others by sharing what we are learning.  The positive impact of teaching the principles and practices of recovery will be a constant source of healing throughout your life.

  1.  Enthusiasm Works Magic

The magic of enthusiasm mixed with positive thinking and a life of 12 Step consistency can remake your very existence. The word enthusiasm comes from two Greek words en and theos. The first means “IN” and the second is the Greek word for “GOD” so the word enthusiasm means “IN GOD” or also another rendering, FULL OF GOD. Trusting in a higher power and making a choice of your will to engage in your recovery journey with enthusiasm releases the power to carry you over obstacles that you could otherwise never hurdle.

The greatest enemy to recovery is neglecting the practice of the 12 Steps and maintaining a passion for renewing your mind with positive thinking. One ancient text says it this way, “As a person thinks, so is he/she.” Think positive and proceed with the process of 12 Steps that has helped millions find healing and hope.