What kind of people go to rehab?

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What kind of people go to rehab? You may think only a certain type of person goes to rehab. And you’re right. They are people with families. They are people who are alone. They are people who risk losing their children or their jobs. People who have worked hard their whole lives and people who have college ahead of them. People who come from towns where everyone knows their names. People who have been just another face in a crowd across the nation. These are the people who go to rehab. They have only one thing in common: they are tired of an addiction ruling their life.

The type of people who go to rehab  have lost their hope to addiction. We are people who need a place to escape the chaos drugs and alcohol have pushed into our lives. We are a community of support, love, and understanding.

Addiction shattered our lives. We went to rehab seeking help to put the pieces back together again. This disease effects all ages, socio-economic statuses, and genders. No on is ‘safe’ from its reach. Our friends and family know this. We need experienced help to guide us, the one with addiction, and our loved ones, to a new life. We help each other in rehab, because we understand how vicious addiction’s voice is. Together we can keep it at bay.

Is addiction eating away your life? Is your loved one drowning in drugs and alcohol? We know how hard it is. Don’t let fear hold you back. You are the type of person that can go to rehab. You can have your life back. We will help you find it.

Call us and we will show you hope.

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