Patient Success Stories

“I was apprehensive when I first arrived, but was handled very professionally by the staff. I will be forever indebted to Bradford for a second chance at life. I felt very satisfied with the program as a whole.”

“I just want to thank every single person for allowing us addicts to come here and be ourselves. People can be ungrateful and rude but you guys dealt with it all. As long as this place is standing, this is my home. I hope everyone reads this and know that I am very happy with everything I’m leaving with. Without places like this we addicts would be dead or in jail. My heart is warm and pleased and I love you all!”

“My overall comments are that Bradford was exactly what I needed! Never met a person not willing to help! Thanks Bradford!”

“I want to thank everyone for all the help that I received in the ongoing recovery process. I would still be using if not for this place. I owe this place my life.”

“Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn’t for ya’ll, I wouldn’t have been able to get clean. I’m so ready to experience life how God intended it.”

“I came here full of emotions with no healthy means to handle them. I was afraid of the life I was living and the future it held. But more so, I was afraid to ask for help for fear of telling everyone my dirty little secret. But Bradford has helped me come to terms with what I was dealing with. But also it showed me I wasn’t alone. My experience here has been one of help and understanding. From the moment I had my consultation and came to Bradford, to this time as I prepare to talk through the door; I have felt nothing but acceptance and non-judgment. I can’t thank the people enough from the staff, the guest speakers, and guest lecturers for what they did for me. I have built the tools and learned all that I possibly could, and feel well prepared to carry myself into the next step of my sobriety. Thank you so much for everything.”

“I can’t believe how nice everyone was- from the lady at the front desk, nurses, doctors, to the lunch ladies. I would recommend this place to anyone who had a problem. Everyone is so nice and what I couldn’t believe is how many said they know what you’re going through and they mean it because they are recovering. I was so scared and embarrassed when I came in. But everyone helped me open up.”

“Bradford gave me a solid foundation for recovery and helped me work through issues that had contributed to my alcoholism. I developed and have maintained the friendships I made there. Without question, Bradford saved my life! And life is good!!!”

“I was so against staying for a few weeks. Thankfully, the Bradford staff was caring, patient and made me feel that I needed to be here! Once I became a believer in recovery, it became helpful, necessary and needed to help me become a strong, independent woman.”

“I am so blessed to have been a part of Bradford ECP. The staff went out of their way to get me here and find ways to pay for it. For that, I’m extremely grateful. Their compassion and desire to help us get better just oozed from every pore in their body. Thank you all for giving me tools to better myself, love myself and to be a better wife and mother. I’m very proud to say “I went to Bradford”

“I found this experience to be phenomenal. I haven’t just quit using substances. I gained confidence and courage and the ability to open up to others for the first time in my life. I learned I could make friends and impact others positively. Today I have hope and I can believe in myself and the recovery process. Every person I met here helped me grow. I will never be able to completely express my gratitude for all that Bradford has given me. I am thankful for every member of the Bradford team. I have a chance at life again.”

“Bradford has helped me make positive life long changes. The planning during and post inpatient treatment has been smooth and transparent. I will never forget and always be grateful for the care and compassion I have received at Bradford. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

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