Emerging Adults

Emerging adulthood is a distinct period in life.

Emerging adulthood (EA) is researched to be a “distinct period”, roughly between ages 18-25, when individuals consider themselves to have left adolescence; however, individuals in this phase have experienced hardships with responsibilities in traditional adulthood (Arnett, 2004). According to research with this demographic, the emerging adulthood is at an age of these five features: identity exploration, instability, self-focus, feelings of in-between and possibilities. The challenges that exist in these five areas are increased risk-taking & experimentation, decreased accountability, frequent changes within work, school and relationships, and bias towards optimism about themselves and the future. At Bradford Health Services, the emerging adult is treated with a specialty focus that involves:

  • building community citizenship
  • taking on responsibility
  • active problem-solving
  • making plans for continued treatment within a sober structure and college/career immersion

To ensure objectives are met to increase sober outcomes with emerging adults, our staff:

  • are trained in person-centered approaches and motivational interviewing to increase a therapeutic alliance
  • are trained behavioral therapies to support skill building for balance
  • provide peer support that model personal recovery
  • make psychological referrals, if needed
  • make appropriate referrals for sober structure beyond detoxification, so that recovery can happen for the individual that is now medically stable
  • educate caretakers on the availability of the BHS Family Program, so family can receive education on topics related to fostering growth for the emerging adult

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