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Treating the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

A Reprieve for Women offers recovery-related programs geared to females. It also addresses other issues that might be present at admission or manifest during a person’s stay with us.

This program lasts six months. At its conclusion, participants – if they wish – can then move to a recovery residence for another six months to apply their training and new skills. In both locations, participants enjoy a welcoming, safe living environment that’s positive, creative, caring and fun. They help recover from addiction by developing positive relationships with their families, the community and themselves.

Good candidates are women who:

  • need help transitioning back to college or into a career
  • struggle with relationships, body image, grief or trauma
  • have difficulty with self-acceptance and peer acceptance
  • lack direction and goals regarding employment, responsibility and accountability

Features and benefits:

  • immersion in 12-Step principles
  • therapy in building self-esteem, preventing relapses, using coping tools (such as meditation)
  • academic and career-readiness training
  • guidance on maintaining good health, finding housing/transportation, managing money, making good decisions
  • programs for family members
  • finding joy in sobriety
  • 24/7 staffing


A Reprieve for Women is based in an inviting home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The residence can house 18 women and is equipped with a media room, pool, group rooms and more. Meals are family-style and prepared by a chef.

A Reprieve for Women also offers a six-month transitional program in the Tuscaloosa community. It helps women who’ve successfully completed the initial six months and want to stay where they began their sobriety. We help participants find a job, return to or begin college and incorporate recovery into their lives. While in the program, residents still engage with a therapist and a Bradford psychiatrist.

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