The Willows at Red Oak Recovery (for women)

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It’s a sad fact that addiction to drugs or alcohol can start early in life … even before a child reaches adolescence. It’s also true that, for young people, the causes and effects of their disease can be far different from those of adults. That’s why the adolescent’s path to recovery requires special treatment, care and support.

Hundreds of teenage girls have found such healing at The Willows. Among our offerings is experiential therapy to treat substance abuse, addiction and related problems – such as depression and anxiety.

How is experiential therapy different? Unlike psychotherapy, it engages people in activities that offer therapeutic benefit … such as rock climbing, role-playing, horseback riding and other recreation.

Therapeutic experiential adventure … what it tells us; why it helps:

Adventure-based experiential therapy has advantages that can make addiction treatment more successful. It gives counselors more information, allowing them to see how an individual reacts to specific, real-world situations. That information can spur insights into other treatment options, as well.

Also, this form of therapy can help patients build self-confidence and coping skills … be better problem solvers … improve their communication skills … and develop trust in themselves and in others. What’s more, it can relieve depression and anxiety … helping a person regain a measure of peace.

Good candidates for treatment at The Willows are young females — typically ages 13 through 20 – who:

  • are experiencing co-occurring issues, such as depression, eating disorders, trauma due to abuse, neglect, loss
  • have relapsed after earlier treatment
  • need help transitioning back to high school or college, or into a career

Features and benefits:

  • a safe, welcoming residence, surrounded by the serenity and beauty of nature
  • therapy in building self-esteem, resiliency and coping skills
  • individual and group activities that are positive, creative, supportive and fun
  • an active alumni program, which provides our patients ongoing support, connection and resources


The Willows is a sanctuary where young women can begin their recovery safely and in peace. Our 38-acre campus is protected, private and staffed by professionals every hour of every day.

Learn more about The Willows at Red Oak Recovery at For admission and location information, please call us at 1-855-416-5355.

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