Legal Professionals Program

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Attorneys and judges are expected to be fluent in the law, as well as clear-thinking, fair-minded, ethical and morally upright. Their central role in our justice system puts special obligations and pressures on them. Plus, heavy workloads can add to their stress … as can their visibility and prominence in their communities.

It’s no wonder that dependence on alcohol and/or drugs is common in law-related professions … just as it is in other professions and walks of life. So is the desire to hide or deny one’s addiction.

For these legal professionals, Bradford offers a special program to help them acknowledge a problem with addiction, pursue treatment and start recovering.

Features and benefits:

  • Patients are assessed by specialists from relevant disciplines, to determine the need for treatment.
  • Medical detoxification and stabilization are provided 24 hours a day.
  • Our residential rehab program is a safe, protected environment for treating withdrawal.
  • Family members are encouraged to visit … and learn about addiction, the family’s role in treatment, and how the entire family can recover.
  • Counseling, based on 12-step principles, is provided in individual, group and specialized sessions.
  • Partial hospitalization is offered … as the risk of withdrawal subsides, physical complications improve and emotional crises diminish.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment includes continuing therapy and education on preventing relapse. Patients reside at home, and they often return to work during treatment.
  • Continuing care ensures patients’ long-term stability, through regular monitoring and connection to a 12-Step program.


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