Family Support Programs

Addiction is a family disease.

Its reach stretches far beyond the person suffering from drug or alcohol dependency.

Among family members, a loved one’s addiction can cause anxiety, fear, alienation, depression, financial problems and more. That’s why services that support relatives are so important in a loved one’s treatment for – and recovery from – addiction.  Bradford Health Services includes the family in the recovery process because we know that when family is involved, chances for sustained recovery increase.

Family Recovery Services Available:

Family Programs-Available to a Patient’s Family Members
All Bradford programs include a Family Program component. Families are educated about the disease of addiction and how it affects their loved ones and the family as a whole. They learn that their support and involvement are important to the healing process. Our inpatient facility programs offer multi-day family components, and our intensive outpatient programs offer weekly family sessions. These programs and sessions are an integral part of each patient’s treatment and participation is strongly encouraged.

Family Support Meetings-Available to Community Members
All Bradford Regional Office locations throughout Alabama and Tennessee, Augusta GA, Pensacola FL, and Little Rock AR offer Family Support Meetings each week. These are free and are open to the community (a person does not have to be related to a Bradford patient to attend). These meetings can be a source of support and education for those who love someone in active addiction.

Bradford-Birmingham’s 3-Day Intensive Family Program is also available to those with loved ones not currently being treated in a Bradford program.

Professionals seeking Continuing Education are also invited to attend.

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